When I take a paper and a pencil and begin to draw some lines, I always end up with something that looks like a skirted lady. This a blog about women with a skirt. This is a blog about skirts with a lady in it.
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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Red Caped Little Girl

A couple of days ago I ended up with this drawing: a scene out of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood or Roodkapje in Dutch. Roodkapje is a girl with a kind of a skirt, in fact it is a red cape.

This is a blog about Skirted Ladies?
Yes, I know.
It is not a blog about Red Caped Little Girls!
Yes, I know. But I'm shure that, in a few years, Roodkapje will be a beautiful young woman with a beautiful red skirt. She will become a beautiful Red Skirted Lady.


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