When I take a paper and a pencil and begin to draw some lines, I always end up with something that looks like a skirted lady. This a blog about women with a skirt. This is a blog about skirts with a lady in it.
The Skirted Ladies Blog

Monday, April 24, 2006

Skirted Ladies - Start

Mostly at night, when I'm already in bed, I take a paper and a pencil or marker. I start with a line. I love to start with one line. I never think about what I'm going to draw, but just draw and see.

After a few seconds there are three or four lines on the paper. I look. I think. What is it going to be? Another three lines. Mmm? What is it going to be? Oh no, not again. Not again the skirt and the legs of a lady with a pair of boots. Yes, it is.

I really want to draw something else, but I always end up with a skirted lady.

This blog is about them, about the skirted ladies.
I will post scans of my postings on this blog, some short stories I hear on the street or read in the newspaper about skirted ladies. Everything I find about skirted ladies I will publish on this site.

Wish me luck,


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